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The Imperial Gate of Topkapi
Not that these guys thought too highly of themselves, but the script reads:

By the grace of God, and by His approval, the foundations of this auspicious castle were laid, and its parts were solidly joined together to strengthen peace and tranquility, by the hand of the Sultan of the two Continents, and the Emperor of the two Seas, the Shadow of God in this world and the next, the Favorite of God on the two Horizons, the Monarch of the Terraqueous Orb, the Conqueror of the Castle of Constantinople, the Father of Conquest Sultan Mehmed Khan, son of Sultan Murad Khan son of Sultan Mehmed Khan, may God make eternal his empire, and exalt his residence above the most lucid stars of the firmament, in the blessed month of Ramadan of the year 883. (1478 AD)

Topkapi Gate