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This is the only sign I saw in front of the pyramids here in Giza. Unlike the Mayan pyramids in the Yucatan where the INAH (The Mexican Institute of Archeology and History) saw fit to post a sign in front of their pyramids which stated:

"The Maya were never helped by extraterrestrials. What they accomplished was due to their ingenuity and hard work."

And yet theories abound claiming, not only the possibility of extraterrestrial help here in Egypt, but that the pyramids and sphinx date back to many, many millenia prior to the time ascribed to them (≈ 2500 BC), to a time when a civilization, of which there is now no trace, actually put all this together.

But for now, although very, very tempting, I'm just abiding by the "No Climbing" warning. It's a criminal offense punishable by at least a month in jail and/or a fine of 100,000 Egyptian pounds (about $6500 US).