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I've never been a big fan of sweet wine but that's what they've been making and drinking here in Andalucía since Roman times using Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez grapes. These are dried into raisins to concentrate their sugar content before the wine making process begins.

In the one small shop here in Cútar I looked on the shelves for a bottle of Málaga Dulce and didn't see any. The young shopkeeper told me it wouldn't sell here - everyone makes their own. I should have known. The hillsides are covered with vines. But he then set off on his motorbike to secure me 2 liters of the local genuino and was back in a few minutes with some deliciously sweet plonk.

This is a local 'pub' in the city of Málaga where you can taste different wines all falling into 3 basic categories: dulce, semi-dulce and secco (sweet, semi-sweet and dry). I'm growing very fond of the semi-dulce.

Vino Dulce