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But the real hunt begins in October. Cinghiale - wild boar. Over the years I've been invited by neighbors to join in the hunt. I've always politely declined. I'm not opposed to hunting. I just don't relish the idea of rising in the pre-dawn to wait in the woods for one to wander by.

I also worry that should I get bored waiting I might wander off by myself and be mistaken for one. Not that I believe - after a good shave - I resemble these beasts, but hunting accidents are not unknown in these parts.

Driving home from parties in the wee hours I've come upon families of cinghiale. I always give them lots of leeway - I've seen car wrecks of drivers who didn't.

But they're prized prey. Whatever you can do with a pig you can do with a cinghiale - prosciutto, salami, sausage and to boot, a trophy head like this one.