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Cuba is the only country I know that has 2 systems of currency. The CUC (Cuban Pesos Convertibles) and the CUP (Moneda Nacional). The CUC is the one most tourists will use. Its value is locked to the U$ dollar. One CUC = one dollar. When you change foreign currency you'll get CUCs. But if you change US currency you'll get a lousy rate - only about 80¢ per dollar - they don't like US dollars, for obvious reasons. Best to travel here with Canadian dollars or Euros.

One peso CUP is worth 1/25th of a CUC - or about 4¢ each. The 'people's markets' use CUPs. You can pay in CUCs - but your change will be in CUPs.

It's all very complicated, and stupid, and unnecessary. But you very quickly get used to these anomalies in Cuba.