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Internet is almost non-existent in Cuba. As tourists we can go to a high-end hotel where for $10 we get a code that gives you Wi-Fi access for an hour.

According to a recent NY Times editorial (30-Nov-15) the only thing blocking internet improvements in Cuba is the totalitarian regime that fears their people getting outside information. The irony of course is that one of the first goals of Fidel was to wipe out illiteracy. But what does that matter if there's nothing to read? Viva la Revolución!

Earlier this year the government did set up a few dozen Wi-Fi "hotspots" around town - like the one pictured here - where Cubans, for $2 an hour (a lot of money here!), can get online with their smartphones and laptops. These spots are immensely popular, even though the government has spared no effort to make it as difficult, expensive, inconvenient and uncomfortable as possible.